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Vasti is an important treatment in Ayurveda and it’s especially meant for rheumatic (vata) diseases. There are many types of vasti. This treatment should be done under the guidance of an expert Ayurveda doctor(vaidya) and all kind of rheumatic (vata) disorders would have eliminate with the proper use of vasti. Kashaya vasti, Uttaravasti, Snehavasti, Siro vasti etc. are known as the main Vastis. It has a proven method of Ayurveda and the Vasti treatment is very effective in every aspect. In Pancha karma, the Vasti plays a key role and it ensures result and guaranteed relax to vata disorders. It has the power to remove toxin from human body. Anus and vaginal canal are the body parts to apply Vasti. Pancha Karma is an effective Ayurveda arena where Vasti applications are common. Medicated liquids and oils are the products normally uses for Vasti. It has everything that you would prefer from a result oriented Ayurveda remedy. Vasti treatment in Pancha Karma is developed for removing toxin from the body and to stop vitiated doshas. In Vasti treatment, the mediated liquids and oils are passing through anus or vaginal canal and this method is effective for expelling body toxins. The procedure of Vasti has to mention. The medicinal substances and oil are the Vasti products. It has an amazing power to control and eliminate vata disorders. Sesame oil, calamus oil and some other herbal decoctions are using for vasti. In a liquid medium, the said items are applies in to rectum. Vasti is an Auyrvedic treatment ensures relax especially to vata disorders.

In this section we are proudly announcing our successful treatment techniques against some disorders as, URO VASTHI (Keeping ayurvedic medicated oils on the chest)
Cardiac disorders , Bronchial Asthma , Oesophagal CA

GREEVA VASTHI(Keeping ayurvedic medicated oils on the dorsum of neck)
Cervical spondylosis , Relives pain due to the stress starin at cervico-lumbar region , Relives neck rigidity

NABHI VASTHI(Keeping ayurvedic medicated oils on the umblical region)
Reduces hormonal imbalances and other Paittika disorders , Helpful in controlling gastritis

KATEE VASTHI(Keeping ayurvedic medicated oils on the low back area)
Low back ache , SciaticaLumbar spondylosis , Other disorders of spine , AKSHI THARPANAM , Glaucoma , Cataract , Myopia , Hypermetropia , Night Blindness