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Ayurveda is a science with amazing power to cure and care. Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment with some specialty. The word or term “Kizhi” is taken from Malayalam language from south India. It can be define in many ways. It’s a massage therapy and part of Ayurveda mainly aims to enhance and protect the health and wellness of the whole body. The kizhi massage therapy is a synchronized Ayuurvedic mode of treatment. It’s a complete rejuvenation therapy. The Kizhi Ayurveda massage therapy is very effective in every aspect and it gives a new born feel to all aspirants. It has the power to make effective changes to human body. Kizhi , the Ayurveda treatment ensures confidence and mental peace. Kizhi improves vigour and vitality. The continuous practicing of Kizhi assures youth forever. It has everything that you would prefer from an Ayurveda massage therapy. Kizhi is a carefully planned health program. Kizhi, the Ayurveda treatment is very unique and it works in the whole body and gives you an effect beyond the expectation. It’s really a go back to youngster or a return to the bliss of eternal Youth. Kizhi keeps your skin smooth and shine and goes a long way to tone up the skin.

Kizhi one of the trade mark of Keraleeya Panchakarma is an effective as well as main therapy of many of chronic as well as dreadful disorders.But the success of this very famous therapy is based only on proper diagnosis of the disease as per Ayurvedic norms(Ashta vidha Roga Pareeksha & Desa vidha Oushada-Roga Nirupanam).Unfortunately now a days the versatile effects of Kizhi become limited as a type of luxury treatment .Untimely as well as mistakenly use of this therapy may cause problems later .From the light we got through our experience by using Kizhi as per the strict diagnose according to the Ayurvedic norns,this therapy holds good results as,

Njavara Kizhi

Head ache due to some neurological problems ,Facial Paralysis , Muscular Atropy (especially in children and in Diabetes Mellitus) , Hemiplegia , Paraplegia , Paralyses occur due to trauma or accidents.

Ela Kizhi

Chronic numbness of upper and lower limbs , Tremors of the body , Painful conditions of the flanks and lumbar region , Paralysis and convulsions

Podi Kizhi

Rheumatic arthritis , Painful swellings